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Keys to Invest in Panama

By | Jan-17-2017|Invest|

So, you’re thinking about investing in Panama. For whatever the reason may be, you’ve circled all the spots on the map that appeal to you and you’ve got [...]

Panama Tourist Visa reduced to 90 days

By | Jan-11-2017|Relocate|

The Panama Tourist Visa was reduced to 90 days, following presidential decree 590 from December 28 2016 published in the government's Gazette (La Gaceta) yesterday January 10 2017. [...]

Four Reasons to Visit Panama

By | Jan-2-2017|Relocate|

I've been where you are... you've scrimped and saved your pennies all year... you've traded fun nights out on the town for delivery pizza... you've skipped weekend getaways [...]

Top Areas to Invest in Chiriqui

By | Jan-2-2017|Invest|

If you haven't made your way to Chiriqui yet, boy are you missing out! How many people in the world have experienced being in the Pacific Ocean and [...]

10 FAQs: The Panama Real Estate Market

By | Dec-28-2016|Invest|

Investing abroad can be challenging, but PanamaKeys is here to make that process a breeze. What do you need to know about the Panama real estate market? Consider [...]

Panama Visa Types and Requirements

By | Dec-28-2016|Relocate|

Well, what can I say? Let's see... I really enjoyed the Panamanian visa process... I have so many great memories of navigating the congested streets of Panama and [...]

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