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To Invest, Relocate or Live in Panama

Whale Watching in Panama

Guest blog post from Jim Sim, director of The Liberty Project in Panama I have seen Orcas in shows several times, those are fabulous sights of man and [...]

By | Sep-23-2017|Lifestyle|

Important Panama Car Insurance Basics

Here are a few basics that you need to know about Panama car insurance. Getting Panama car insurance is similar to getting insurance in the United States but [...]

By | Sep-2-2017|Lifestyle|

Panama Vehicle Registration Renewal

Panama, like most other countries, requires a vehicle registration to allow you to drive your car. This vehicle registration consists of the license plate, a windshield sticker, and [...]

By | Aug-5-2017|Lifestyle|

Obtaining a Panamanian driver’s license

I love driving in Panama, maybe because I do it in the countryside where you rarely experience traffic jams, and when I am in it the city, the [...]

By | Jul-22-2017|Lifestyle|

Four things to do when you visit Volcan

Volcan has been my family's hometown for over a year now and let me tell you... we absolutely love it here! You get crisp mornings with the most [...]

By | Feb-3-2017|Lifestyle|

Cost of Living in Panama

Once upon a time, I was right where you are today, reading books about investing in Panama, attending meetings about moving to Panama, searching the internet reading articles [...]

By | Dec-27-2016|Lifestyle|
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