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Pensionado Visa: A Practical Guide

The Pensionado (Pensioner, Jubilado) Visa is arguably one of the most popular residence paths in Panama, and in the world. Although there are few public statistics about yearly [...]

By | Apr-28-2017|Relocate|

Panama Enforces Strict Border Measures

News broke this March about dozens of Venezuelans who are denied entry to Panama from the Paso Canoas Border with Costa Rica. The reason: Immigrants living permanently in [...]

By | Mar-10-2017|Relocate|

Panama Tourist Visa reduced to 90 days

The Panama Tourist Visa was reduced to 90 days, following presidential decree 590 from December 28 2016 published in the government's Gazette (La Gaceta) yesterday January 10 2017. [...]

By | Jan-11-2017|Relocate|

Four Reasons to Visit Panama

I've been where you are... you've scrimped and saved your pennies all year... you've traded fun nights out on the town for delivery pizza... you've skipped weekend getaways [...]

By | Jan-2-2017|Relocate|

Panama Visa Types and Requirements

Well, what can I say? Let's see... I really enjoyed the Panamanian visa process... I have so many great memories of navigating the congested streets of Panama and [...]

By | Dec-28-2016|Relocate|
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