If you haven’t made your way to Chiriqui yet, boy are you missing out! How many people in the world have experienced being in the Pacific Ocean and the Carribean in the same day? How many people have witnessed both oceans at the same time with their own eyes from the top a volcano summit? Have you seen scarlet macaws flocking together in the wild? How about toucans, or jaguars, or sloths, or monkeys? Have you ever been to a real indian village?

All this and more is readily available in Chiriqui if you’re adventurous… and let’s be honest… if you’re considering a move to Central America… you are!

While Panama City offers a modern cityscape and a thriving night life, the countryside has a lot to offer as well, like the salty air of the Caribbean or the Pacific, the cool mountain air of the highlands, lovely lakes, and the pure nature of an idyllic tropical paradise.

The province of Chiriqui is the main countryside destination for investors and expats in Panama. And while Chiriqui certainly has something to offer anyone, these are the top areas to invest in Chiriqui:

1. Boquete: Many expats love Boquete for its warm and breezy weather during the day and its cool temperatures at night. Rarely does the temperature rise above 82F and rarely does it drop below 60F, and that’s year-round! You will enjoy beautiful panoramic views, hot springs, waterfalls, and a thriving industry of its many coffee producers. It’s iconic event, the Boquete Flower and Coffee Festival, takes place every January and the gardens remain open until June to welcome everyone who can’t visit in January.

Boquete is one of the most popular areas to invest in Chiriqui

Boquete and the Highlands

2. Volcan: Home of Volcan Baru, the only volcano in Panama. Although extinct, the panoramic views of the volcano have no rival in Panama. Tierras Altas (highlands), the district that Volcan heads, has a climate similar to Boquete, and is popular for its rainforests, trails, coffee plantations, flower production, historic site Sitio Barriles, and Volcan Baru National Park. It’s most popular event, Parada de Las Flores, is celebrated every September with flower parades and contests among local flower producers.

3. David: Although its climate is much hotter than Boquete or Volcan, expats enjoy living in Chiriqui’s capital due to the lower cost of living compared to Panama City. Tranquility and convenience are the perfect complement. You will find supermarkets, shopping stores, and access to a variety of services near you. David trades skyscrapers for the simplicity and serenity the city rarely has.

4. La Barqueta: Chiriqui has breathtaking views of green landscapes, but you don’t need to go far to enjoy the beach. Playa La Barqueta is located just a leisurely 30 minute drive south from downtown David, and it’s but one of the perfect places for ocean lovers that Chiriqui’s Pacific coast has to offer. You can buy any number of beach houses or condos that are available to enjoy gorgeous sunrises over the gulf of Chiriqui, or the unparalleled sunsets as the sun dips behind the mountian range of Costa Rica. La Barqueta features 24/7 gated security and is perfect for starting your very own bed & breakfast right on the Pacific!

Are there other areas to invest in Chiriqui?

There are many other places not listed here such as Boca Chica, Las Lajas, Cerro Punta, or Puerto Armuelles, all adding their unique pizazz to the beauty of Chiriqui. Without a doubt, the province of Chiriqui has a high quality of life to offer those who want to relocate or invest in Panama. PanamaKeys is ready to help you discover this region. Contact us when you’re in town now or planning a trip soon, and want expert opinions about the area. We will help you maximize the use of your time and your resources to help make Chiriqui work for you. We’ll see you soon. Come unlock your future in Panama!

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