Panama, a thriving country located in Central America between Costa Rica and Colombia, is known as one of the most privileged Latin American countries. Its strategic and convenient location has been of interest to the world since its discovery.Infrastructure masterpieces such as the recently expanded Panama Canal bring about countless advantages and opportunities to the country, its people, visitors, and investors.

People choose investing in Panama for many reasons, like the Panama City skyline

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The beautiful country offers everything you could possibly want. Whether it is the exciting and modern nightlife of the city, or the many lush and exotic jungles, or even the many white, sandy beaches on the Caribbean side of the country or the islands in the Pacific, Panama has what you’re looking for. The ride from the peaceful highlands to the buzz of the busy city is a short one. Public amenities such as airports, bus transportation, and an abundance of quality health care providers are available to everyone at affordable prices.

Falling in love already? consider PanamaKeys’ 10 advantages of investing in Panama:

  1. Proximity to North America. Flying from most major U.S. cities takes 3-5 hours and direct flight options are available on most of these. Non-stop flights from major European cities and Toronto, Canada are also available
  2. It’s politically stable. Panama is a democratic country with no political instability or civil unrest since 1989. Along with Costa Rica, the countries present the best government options in the Central American region
  3. Panama is known for its free economy. Comparable to Ireland or The Netherlands, Panama is ideal for creating companies, jobs, and opportunities for wealth
  4. The country and its government highly encourage tourism. Panama has presented a steady rise of tourism every year, which now significantly contributes to the country’s GDP. There are benefits and tax exemption laws in place to benefit foreigners investing in Panama’s tourism sector, such as hotel development
  5. The Panamanian government is very welcoming to foreigners who wish to develop real estate in the country. There are immigration programs designed to provide permanent residence to investors, with citizenship and 2nd passport opportunities on the table
  6. Foreigners are guaranteed the same rights as Panamanian citizens when it comes to property ownership. Foreigners can own real estate inside of Panamanian or foreign Trusts and Corporations, or even in their own name. PanamaKeys can help you explore the differences between American-style titled property or Rights of Possession properties, both of which exist in Panama. Acquiring property in Panama doesn’t involve the hassle of property laws other countries have in place. There are plenty of homes, condos, and other types of developments for sale in Panama guaranteed to suit your specific needs
  7. People investing in Panama find peaceful spots like the Amador Causeway

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  8. Immigration Laws in Panama offer many options for visas or permanent residency programs. Foreigners who wish to retire, visit, invest, or relocate to Panama will find a country and its government that understand the benefits of attracting foreign investment and have developed programs that cater to appetite of the foreign retiree
  9. Panama is a country that shows steady and stable economic growth. The GDP of Panama continues to grow, now enjoying the second highest ranking in the Central American region and quickly closing the gap. Unemployment, the cost of living, and inflation are maintained at low percentages thanks to Panama’s rapid emergence into the global economy
  10. Buying property in Panama is normally a fast process. The average time doesn’t extend past 6 weeks, with many cash deals and owner financing opportunities closing sooner
  11. Professional escrow services are available in Panama. If desired, employ third party escrow companies to handle title transfers and/or the retention of documents regarding real estate or any other valuable property such as precious metals, creating a barrier between your legal representation and your assets

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