The Quest for Perfect Panama Real Estate

Is this property right for you? This philosophy guides PanamaKeys with every client looking for Panama real estate. Under the leadership of John Gilbert, PanamaKeys works with both in-house and outside licensed real estate agents throughout Panama to present you properties that are right for you. Whether the property happens to be our listing or not, PanamaKeys is committed to finding you the perfect home.

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Finding listings of Panama real estate is not difficult, but it is difficult to find a partner who puts himself in your shoes and tries to understand what it is that motivates you.

PanamaKeys is committed to doing just that. We strive to understand your background, your situation, and your objectives as we build an action plan specific to you.

We then find you the properties perfect for your situation, whether they happen to be in-house listings or not. We introduce you to properties that are perfect for you, and we value your ability to make your own decision with zero heavy handed sales pressure that you get from others. It’s as simple as that.

Panama Real Estate in Chiriqui enjoys breath-taking views

Chiriqui highlands are breathtaking

The beautiful province of Chiriqui, Panama is our main base of operations and the location that we call home. We know all of the major towns in Chiriqui inside and out, this is our stomping ground. Our network of licensed real estate agents span the entire country, including Panama City and all major towns outside of Chiriqui.

Real Estate for Investors

PanamaKeys tailors its services to meet your situation. Investors can expect high quality Panama real estate to generate income and preserve wealth. We won’t represent just any property. We have turned many properties away due to being overpriced and/or inferior built.

We will go the extra mile to introduce you to properties that meet your criteria. Times money. In this way PanamaKeys helps to maximize the time you will spend in country here in Panama and your touring dates with us will be filled only with properties that best fit your needs

We compliment our investment services with quality property management services. We commit to being your partner in your real estate investmnet project, handling the advertising, maintenance schedule, renovations, and groundskeeping issues so that your property is properly managed while you’re away. We will be your eyes, your hands, and your feet on the ground here in Panama.

Real Estate for Home Owners

We have helped many expats and retirees find their Panama dream home. We are committed to helping you do the same. Coming from North American countries, we know and understand the WOW factor. The trick is finding the WOW factor that’s right for you. That’s where the PanamaKeys team comes in. We are meticilous up front as we ask about your wants and desires so that our agenda of recommended properties are true fits for you. We show you the properties. You decide.

We’ve also lived the challeges of moving abroad. We understand the hurdles, the pitfalls, and the fears, both real and imaginary. We’ve been there. We are you. We understand where you’re coming from.

That’s why PanamaKeys offers Relocation Assistance services. Our door-to-door bundle takes the drama out of concerns about hidden fees, customs charges, and lousy service. You’ll know up front what size container is best for you, how it needs to be packed, the level of service that you desire, and the entire cost of the relocation, along with what to expect. Our team will even empty your container here right into your home as you begin life here in Panama.

PanamaKeys will make the challenge of moving to Panama a breeze!

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PanamaKeys makes available for your review actionable intelligence to help you make an informed decision as to whether or not buying Panama real estate is right for you. Guess what: the answer is not always yes. What other real estate company will tell you that?

We believe that you are a person, not a customer. We want what’s best for you, whatever that means. If that means that you are going to purchase property or services in Panama through PanamaKeys, then great. If that means that through talking with us that the best decision for you in this day and time is to not move to Panama, then that’s great too, and you’ll remember us in the future if there comes a time that you’re ready to move to Panama, or if one of your friends happens to be ready.

This philosophy is what sets us apart from all of the others. We are ready, willing, and able to genuinely help. Should you invest in Panama? What should you expect? We answer these questions and more as we help you navigate what living looks like in this beautiful country. Enjoy our articles, take what you can from them, and share them with friends on social media or via email.

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