La Chorrera Background

Just 20 short years ago this area was a sleepy little town outside of Panama City, Panama with only 15,000 people. Most of the people that lived here could not find any real meaningful employment except for Panama City, so it was a commuter town.

Today this city is a thriving middle class community of 260,000 people and enjoys the notoriety of being the capital of Panama’s newest province, Panama Oeste. It is also the home of several internationally-recognized sports figures and celebrities.

Many people still commute into the city, but a very strong 50% of the people living here now also work here in service related fields. This has helped to cement thriving La Chorrera as the fastest-growing community in Central America!


La Chorrera is located a short 25 minute drive from Panama City along the Inter American Highway right off of the Pacific Ocean. This town features modern shopping options, including several new malls. There are many local and international restaurants to choose from. Fine dining, fine shopping, and fine coffee can all be found here!

Locals can choose from seven different schools here for their children. Medical options include a large hospital and several doctor’s offices. Whether you work in Panama City, La Chorrera, or Coronado, La Chorrera is the most convenient place to live by far, featuring far more amenities than Coronado and far less traffic than Panama City.

La Chorrera features a year-around warm, tropical climate. Expect heavy rains here twice a year during the heavy parts of the rainy season.

La Chorrera is known for its many waterfalls. There are several in the area, including the more famous El Chorro de La Chorrera, El Chorro Trinidad, and the El Chorro de Canoa Quebrada waterfalls. Bring your sun screen and your insect repellant if you’re going to check them out!

The incredible growth of La Chorrera shows no signs of slowing down. A brand new, Pacific highway will run through La Chorrera, and the subway metro will feature its final stop here. In just a few years this community will enjoy even easier access into Panama City than it already has, which means that the future is bright for residents and developers alike in this wonderful community.

Value Proposition

When considering Panama, be sure to consider this town. What are you looking for? Shopping? Dining? Ocean? Schools? Healthcare? This place has it all! With easy 1/2 hour access to international travel, multiple public transportation options, hospitals, convenient shopping and dining, it is the fastest-growing community in Central America for good reason!